MapleFables Official Opening!

MapleFables Official Opening!
So time is almost upon us, the official opening! We are just a few weeks away from opening (15/02/2019) This has been a bit of a journey but, I feel ready to take Fables to new highs!

Here at MapleFables, we are passionate about delivering you a GMS-Like, Nostalgic Server with a hint of freshness to keep you from boredem. Any features we have/intend to have are checked over before release to ensure stability in the gameplay to avoid any problems later down the line. I am hoping to see some returning players from the old communities and get a chance to say Hi again. Our rates are 4/3/2 to encourage challange. The majority of gameplay is fully functional and GMS-Like (Job Advancements, Areas, Stores, ToT (Quests) etc). Listed below are just a few notes on what to expect when we Launch, you can read on these below!

I hope you enjoy your time here, and welcome to you!

During the first week of launch, Fables Launch Medal 2019 will be availble to obtain if you reach the required level of 15.

Fables Launch Medal

• Level 15

HP and MP has been reworked within MapleFables with boosts on ALL Job Advance Milestones.

We have also implemented a system where you can add extra HP/MP by finding the item Heart Mark. You can then exchange a certain amount of these in order to get a boost. These items will also be tradable!

Stamps and Chronicles are collections that are a totally optional part of the game. These are just something extra that you can earn on your way, while playing.

Chronicles: We have added 24 chronicles per class (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) which are rewarded for doing certain things in game (Quests, Mob Kills, Certain Milestones in certain actions etc).

Stamps: When the server launches, we will open 3 catagories to start collecting. These can be collected through different methods of play.

You will be able to view your collections on the website as well as others. There will also be rankings for total collected.

Maple Weapons (35,43,64) will be available from all mobs in Fables at a low rate. There will also be an option to upgrade the :64 weapons into a L77

Voting is now Live! You can earn 2K NX every 12h. Rates will be changed when server is up and running.

This is just a brief announcement while voting goes live. More updates will be given as time goes by between now and the launch date.

I hope you all enjoy this experience and hope to see you all in game soon!

The server is scheduled to open on Friday 15th February 2019 20:30 GMT
  • January 10th 2019 23:27 GMT
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